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Faith FM

FaithFM is an Australian Christian network broadcasting on 87.6, 87.8 and 88.0 FM (varies by region).

For more information visit faithfm

Hope Channel

Hope Channel is a Christian lifestyle television network owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The network operates globally, with 44 Hope Channels worldwide, each providing programs contextualized to the language and culture of their audience.

For more information visit HopeChannel

the incredible journey

The Incredible Journey Media Evangelism Ministry broadcasts on free-to-air TV across Australian cities and regional towns on Chanel 9GEM on Sundays at 8:30 am.  Invite your friends, family and neighbors to tune in with you every Sunday. This may be the next step in their incredible journey to find the way to a heavenly home!


Or Watch on demand on our website, facebook or youtube page.

Phone: 0481 315 101

bible study

Here you will find quarterly Bible study resources for all age groups, from toddlers to adults.

The ground is shifting. New research programs, and new discoveries, are constantly changing the landscape of our knowledge of “how it all began.” And for those considering these matters from a position of biblical faith, there are new and promising frontiers to explore.
Many of those remarkable recent changes are addressed in this fully updated third edition of this landmark work, now in its twentieth year of publication. With additional contributions from joint author Arthur Chadwick, Faith, Reason, and Earth History presents Leonard Brand’s continuing argument for constructive thinking about origins and earth history in the context of Scripture, showing readers how to analyze available scientific data and approach unsolved problems. Click here for free electronic versions of Faith, Reason and Earth History