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Thursday 5 March

The Lake: Exploring a Splendid Sheet of Water

This will be a lecture by well known media personality and author Scott Bevan. It will be held in the Toronto Public Library at 5.30pm and will go until 7.00pm. It is a free activity.

If you are interested we can meet at the Casanova restaurant along the Toronto foreshore for a drink before walking up (good exercise), although there will be plenty of parking at Woolworths or along the road in front of the library if you would prefer to drive.


Here is the drinks menu.


Or just meet in the library at 5.30pm. 10 places have been booked through Eventbrite, and Michelle will have our tickets if we need them.

It should be an interesting talk as Scott has recently paddled around the lake on a kayak, of all things.


Thursday 23 April

Dead Central

You have all been to Central Station in Sydney, but did you know it was once a cemetery? At one stage there were 30,000 people buried there. So what happened to them all when the station was built?

Come with us to this fascinating exhibition at the NSW State Library in Sydney. This visit is highly recommended by Margaret who has been to see it.

You are advised to take your own headphones with you. More details in April.




Thursday 21 May

The Mystery of Oak Island

This is a lecture by Graeme Tretheway and will be held in the library at Avondale University College at 3.30pm.

Graeme is an avid researcher and his lectures are fascinating as he delves deep into the history of the places he is talking about. You will be astounded at what you will learn.

Where is Oak Island? What's the mystery around it? Come along to the lecture and find out!

Afternoon tea will be served at the conclusion of the lecture.



Thursday 11 June

Vivid Lights

All the tickets for the original booking have now sold out. More can be purchased at the original price if you act fast. The company won't guarantee how long the special price of $25 will last. Once ticket sales get to a certain level they bump up the price to $39. We will be leaving at 6.15pm from Darling Harbour, which is a popular time. You are welcome to come but you will need to purchase your own tickets. Ring Captain Cook Cruises on 9206 1111 or book your tickets here. We are on the 6.15pm cruise on 11 June.

This will be a one-hour cruise on Sydney Harbour to view the amazing lights during the Vivid festival. This is not a dinner cruise so if you are interested we may go to a nice restaurant before we join the cruise

Some may like to stay afterwards to walk around the lights of the harbour. You can always catch the train back at any time (it will be a late night!) or stay somewhere in Sydney for the night. We could look into finding a motel nearby or even an airbnb with enough bedrooms for us to stay together.

There are lots of fascinating things to see with the lights, such as the Marine Turtle, Bin Chickens, The Harp of the City and more. Lights are not just at Darling Harbour, where we will catch the cruise. They are at the Botanic Gardens, The Rocks, Circular Quay and more. We are taking a Captain Cook cruise for just $25.

More information will be sent to you closer to the date but you need to pay for your tickets  NOW  as places are filling up fast. Contact Michelle for details.



Thursday 16 July

Postman's Run

This is a fascinating cruise up the Hawkesbury River and the captain really does deliver mail to the locals who live on the river. The run started in 1910 and has been running ever since.

The captain tells you yarns about the river and the people who lived there as he steers you up the river.

The boat leaves at 10.00am and returns to Brooklyn at around 1.15pm. Cost is $48 each, but some have gone on the cruise numerous times because they love it so much! Lyn has booked 10 places for us, with a vegetarian lunch included in the price. We will need to pay two weeks prior to the excursion.



Thursday 20 August

Newcastle Museum

More details as we get closer to the date.



Thursday 4-10 September

History Illuminated lecture

More details as we get closer to the date.



Thursday 8 October

Callan Park

The Callan Park Hospital for the Insane (1878 – 1914) is a heritage-listed former insane asylum, located in the grounds of Callan Park, on the shores of Iron Cove in Lilyfield, a suburb of Sydney.

Callan Park is no longer used as a mental asylum, but it has a fascinating history. Ted Moxon worked at the facility before his retirement and has written a book about the place. He is full of knowledge and stories and his tour will be well worth it.

Believe it or not, a theft occurred in 2003 of thousands of medical antiques from the Callan Park Hospital for the Insane, including a human skeleton, medical and dental instruments, lithographs and furniture. What were the thieves going to do with it all?

The event is free and we will send you more information closer to the date.


TAG 10

Thursday 19 November

Hawks Nest Ferry Excursion

More details as we get closer to the date.


TAG 11

Tuesday 8 December

Senior's Christmas Lunch

More details as we get closer to the date.