Solomon Islands Fly 'n Build


Another group is preparing to go out July 9 - 24 to finish the projects started last year.


Donations have been generous and a huge shipping container is packed with supplies ready for the event.


A group of five (three from the Toronto church) are going to Dovele to finish the bathrooms and workrooms at the clinic so that it will be ready to open and be operating by the time they leave. Another group are going to build a dining room and kitchen for a school at Tapauri in the Western Solomons.


In May 2017 a group of volunteers from Toronto church joined other volunteers to rebuild a clinic in the Solomon Islands.

Enjoy the pictures below, or view a powerpoint of their experiences.


You can also read a fascinating account of the trip to the Solomon Islands; the hard work, the challenges, the rewards and the way God worked with them to get the project completed.


Finishing the clinic

Powerpoint showing the human side of the project


Clinic facilities and the work that was done to bring the clinic to completion. The people are very proud of their new clinic.