Toronto church is actively involved in caring for members and the community. Below you will find some of the activities that keep us busy. You are very welcome to join any of these activities.

Men's club

The men of the church meet often to support each other as well as help others. Take a look at what these enterprising guys are involved in!

Children's club

We have a large and active children's club catering for children of all ages. You will be sure to find something that will suit your child.

Care group

Caring for others is what we do best! Our ladies love to quilt - and then use those quilts to bless others. See what else this amazing group does.


Eager teams go out to the Solomon Islands regularly to help build and maintain clinics. See more of what they do - and volunteer to join them!


Doing Life Together

This is a support group for those who would like to maintain good mental health and spiritual wellbeing.

Live free

Breaking the chains of addiction. This is a group program that uses the power of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.