Spirit Warrior

Kee Nez, a Navajo boy, finds himself suspended between ancient terrors and the insanities of the White man's world, searching for truth - and yearning to belong.

Dreams & Visions

This is a collection of stories from the world of Islam. Is Jesus awakening the Muslim world?


Barefoot Surgeon

The inspirational story of Dr Sanduk Ruit, the eye surgeon giving sight and hope to the world's poor


Beyond ashes

A true story of survival and triumph. From being kidnapped, losing her brother after a house fire to being drugged and raped, the author uses the traumas to prepare her for a life with Christ.


Tells the story of a young farm boy who endured mistreatment from an alcoholic father and an abusive farmhand, causing him to defy God's existence. Yet God redeemed a horrible situation with His unbelievable grace.

The boy born dead

David Ring died at birth, survived but had to live with cerebral palsy. Amid the harsh troubles of life and attempted suicide, he met another boy, a pastor's son, named David.

From ashes to glory

Charles Studd was a cricketer who, at the peak of his fame, retired from cricket to serve as a missionary to China. This is an incredible story of faith, perseverance and dedication.

The curse

This is the true story of one woman's epic flight through the darkness of demonic oppression to the freedom that only comes with  surrender to the God. It is a powerful reminder that we can still win the war as we find our refuge in God.

He knows her name

Having promised to never return to India Kelly never dreamed she would one day be a mother to a beautiful Indian girl named Lyla. This is the amazing story of how God uses the most unlikely circumstances for His greater purpose.