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A team went in September to the village of Koriovuku on Ranongga Island in the Solomon Islands to refurbish a woman's resource centre hall and to build an accommodation unit beside it to cater for people coming in from outside areas.


There were two dormitory rooms with toilets - a joint facility for both the Anglican and Adventist communities.


Four members from Toronto church and six people from New Zealand, helped with the building. Six young people were on the team, bringing energy and vibrancy to the project.


For more information visit the Adopt A Clinic website


Another group went out July 9 - 24 to finish the projects started last year.


A group of five (three from the Toronto church) went to Dovele to finish the bathrooms and workrooms at the clinic, ready to open and be operating by the time they left.


Report from Chris Gray:


Fourteen days, five volunteers and a very long list of tasks. This was the starting point toward completing a district medical clinic in the small village of Boro, located on the remote island of Vella Lavella in the Western Solomon Islands. Heat, humidity and flies were the greatest challenge as the work successfully progressed toward completion.


Laughter, new friends and skill sharing filled our days. Ahead of schedule the clinic opened its doors to a constant stream of patients, who mostly travel many miles by canoe to reach the medical assistance provided by this clinic. It was with excitement and a huge sense of satisfaction in a job well done that we celebrated the first birth at the clinic just before we left to return home.


Smiles, gifts and a multitude of thank yous were our parting scenes from everyone we spoke to in the village, to the staff of the Solomon Island Mission, and to the Solomon people we spoke with everywhere. Our greatest gift was knowing we helped people who appreciated our help. There is no better gift of satisfaction than that, for a weary volunteer.


In May 2017 a group f volunteers from Toronto church joined other volunteers to rebuild a clinic in the Solomon Islands.

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