Worship Times

Sabbath School - Saturday 9:30am

Sabbath School is a group discussion based on the Bible.  There is something for every age.


Church Service - Saturday 11:00am

Our Church Service is a time when we worship together, pray together, and hear God's word together. 

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Coming Events

Dr David Thiele will be taking the combined Sabbath School lesson at 9.30am on 29 September. You won't want to miss this presentation!

Children's Choir

Pr Grego has started  a Children's Choir. If you are aged between 4 and 16 years old and would love to sing, come along and join this exciting venture. Contact Pr Grego for more details.




Andrew Sullivan led the singing in church today and it was awesome. Special item was his own composition and it was powerful!  Thank you for sharing your talents with us Andy.

Noel Deed brought his amazing model of Noah's Ark to Toronto on Sabbath, 30 June.


It took him 3 years to complete the scale replica. Much of the wood he used was made from old wooden shutters he retrieved from the side of the road!


Noel used no nails and spent many hours in research to make sure his ark was a faithful replica of the original.

Noel has used the ark as a tool to establish interest in the Biblical record and the authenticity of the Bible.

On Sunday, 17 June, Toronto men spent a day helping to renovate a home at the Leisure Life Village.


A huge thank you to those who came along to help:

Clayte Smith (Organiser),

Jake Smith

Kevin Hannah

Colin Crawford

Lyle Drury

Gordon Smith

Kevin Hardes

Steve Fitzclarence

Tim Weule

Bruce Thompson

James Ward

Kevin Amos

Rod Cooke

John Hertel

Ray Tenorio

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The talented youth of Toronto leading out in the singing today. Fabulous music!

Church working bee 10 June

The day was cold and rainy, but that didn't deter the large number of members who turned up to help clean the church. Many hands made the job easier, and it was all done by midday. A huge thank you to those who came to help.

Gosford Classic Car Museum

27 May

A bus full of eager car enthusiasts drove to Gosford and were delighted to find that entry to the museum was free that day!


They spent a couple of hours admiring the collection of over 400 cars displayed in an old Bunnings building. The collection has been valued at over $70 million.


Click here for more pictures of the day.

TWIGS workshop

26 May

A group of women met on Sabbath afternoon as Aniele Deojec recommended ways of digging deeper into God's Word and Glenda Amos helped us formulate different strategies for meaningful prayer.


The program was excellent and much appreciated. Keep watch for more TWIGS programs coming up in the next few months.


Mother's Day

May 12


Those attending Toronto Adventist Church on May 12 were welcomed into the garden and introduced to a basket of life lessons that have been learned by mothers over the years. Each day, the tools that we use in our gardens can become a symbol of a much greater mission – that of being the best mums that we can be.

Six of our mothers (each carrying a garden tool) sat in the garden and shared, with insight and humour, some of the lessons they have learned through the years and how these lessons relate to the way God deals with us, His children.

We learned lessons from the Secateurs (pruning), the Straw Hat (protection), the Spade (bearing burdens), the Gloves (handle with care), the Watering Can (nurturing) and the Rake (gathering in). The service was enhanced with well-known songs and a delightful children’s story.

The backdrop and lovely garden setting were created by Elza Crawford. The scripts read by the six mums were written by Joanne Fitzclarence with some personal touches added by the mums. A small gift was given to each of the ladies present and a lovely lunch was provided in the church hall after the service.

We trust that this special service warmed your heart, nourished your spirit and caused the love of God to blossom afresh.