The Young Martyr Neil Schofield

44 mins

Does suicide send you to hell? 

Ravi Zecharias

5 mins

The Darwin Dilemma  Clifford Goldstein

28 mins

Worship Times

Sabbath School - Saturday 9:30am

Sabbath School is a group discussion based on the Bible.  There is something for every age.


Church Service - Saturday 11:00am

Our Church Service is a time when we worship together, pray together, and hear God's word together. 

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Coming Events

Ty Gibson will be preaching next sabbath 16 February. He is involved with the ARISE program taking place at Toronto Church this week. Braedan Entermann will be preaching the following sabbath 23 February.

In the church library:

Spirit Warrior

Kee Nez, a Navajo boy, finds himself suspended between ancient terrors and the insanities of the White man's world, searching for truth - and yearning to belong.

Children's Choir

Pr Grego has started  a Children's Choir. If you are aged between 4 and 16 years old and would love to sing, come along and join this exciting venture. Contact Pr Grego for more details.